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B.C. BOINC is a team of distributed computing enthusiasts living in or hailing from the Province of British Columbia, Canada. We participate in Internet-based scientific research programs primarily through BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.

BOINC is perhaps the most innovative computer network application to emerge in recent years, developed at the University of California at Berkeley. Using the BOINC client program, individual computer users donate their computer's idle time to computational work used in scientific research, modelling, computation and analysis. What makes BOINC unique that it allows the user of the platform to choose the number and type of research projects to be invovled with, rather than downloading several different types of applications that may conflict with one another for CPU time. Researchers can also benefit through easy, seamless upgrading of their computational software to users, without the need for users to actively keep pace with the project.

New members are always welcome to join via the website of a BOINC project that they currently participate in. You are welcome if you're a current B.C. resident, a former resident, or just wish you were a resident. You may join regardless of which or how many different BOINC projects you are involved with. B.C. BOINC has teams registered on almost all current BOINC projects, and we intend to be on more in the future as they go live. Once you're signed up via a BOINC project's website, you're also invited to join our forum and submit a link to your website to be included in our roster on the members page.

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